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Packers and Movers Baner Pune

Packers and Movers in Baner Pune

Relocating to any new place needs a planned move so that it happens smoothly and without much trouble. Moving with an experienced relocation partner like Assure Packers and Movers Baner Pune eases the entire process, relieving you of most of the relocation related stress. We have a diverse spectrum of services that you can rely upon while you plan your relocation. These services are designed keeping in mind the general requirements and can be customised to your needs. We specialize in all aspects of relocation including the Packers and Movers Bill, household relocation, office relocation, packing and moving services, car carrier services and warehouse or storage services.

Assure Packers is a company with a difference. We believe in a panoramic picture of things. You will feel comfortable around us as all our personnel show great standards of customer service as they know you are under the stress of relocation and you need a firm friend to stand by you and take the task of relocation by the stride. We want you to know us well before you decide to hire us. Even if you register through our website, you may visit us in any of our offices to speak to our officers in person. We survey your belongings in your current location so that we get an idea about your furniture and other possessions that need to be packed and shifted before we close a deal. We make sure that you are aware about the entire process. We also send a team to the place where you are relocating to in order to help you plan the downsizing if necessary and only after that we give you the final Packers and Movers Bill about the cost that you will bring upon yourself before the actual relocation day. Hence we make sure that we make our services your money’s worth.

This is also true for your office relocations. We relocate your office to the new location only after you know what you need to carry. Since we have been in the packing and moving industry for a long time we have the personnel who specialize in carrying special instruments and specific equipment that you possess. In addition we arrange for special packing materials to make sure that your equipment is relocated without any damage to the new location. Furthermore we orchestrate for large cartons, thermocol casts for packing electronics like computers, laptops, microwave and refrigerators that can be damaged easily during transit. We make sure that we minimise the damage risk for all your belongings especially the expensive ones. We know that most offices are leased offices where you are accountable to any damage incurred to the walls, floors or the fittings. So we bring appropriate equipments to minimise floor and wall damages such as floor sliders, inclined planes or sliding trolleys. We ensure that we do not damage the fittings by employing conscious staff who minimise accidental damages.

We arrange Gati Packers and Movers for the logistics operations as well and you make an informed choice on the vehicle used for your relocation.

Whether you want to relocate your house or your office, Assure Packers and Movers are a reputed company and can get your belongings insured with the appropriate insurance cover and at affordable costs so that you can be certain that your things are in safe hands and not only that we even help you in filing the claim if such an unfortunate need arises.